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Community. Mentorship. Accountability. Companionship.

Entrepreneur Accelerator is a members-only group with the goal to help foster entrepreneurs, learn business skills, hear from experts, collaborate and more.

Think a cross between a social playground, an entrepreneur's classroom and talent incubator.

It also solves one of the biggest pains as an entrepreneur: doing it all alone.

We're looking for our first Founding Members

As the group begins to launch, we are looking for a limited amount of individuals to be Founding Members of this group.

These members will be offered an exclusive rate and perks.

It doesn't matter the business you run – if you own or plan to start a business, you'll gain value from this group and meet like-minded peers.

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Better ways to surround yourself with success

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Tribe & Community

Be supported and surrounded by success and entrepreneurs of all sorts. Network and meet other like-minded individuals!​


Private Platform

This members-only group will be hosted on a dynamic platform made for community engagement & learning​


Workshops & Tutorials

Every month the EA Group will be updated with new workshops and content exclusive to the group.​


Experts & Guests

Entrepreneur Accelerator will host experts and guests to help the community level up.​

So, is this group right for me?

Perfect for you:

  • You're looking to be surrounded and supported by entrepreneurs.
  • Looking to engage in monthly activities for both business and personal development
  • Understand the principles of business and the long term work required to build a thriving, profitable business.​
  • Will actively engage and participate with other members ​
  • Planning to build, currently building or running an online business
  • You have a friendly and can-do attitude ​

Not for you:

  • You're another get rich fast seeker.​
  • Looking to simply self-promote. ​
  • You're expecting "hacks and shortcuts" to be handed to you in business.
  • Planning to take advantage of the community without contributing or giving back to other members.​
  • You do not plan to commit to the community long-term.​
  • You're rude, hateful or disrespectful – this will be a safe and respectful space for entrepreneurs.​

Sound like a good fit? Apply today

1. Apply and fill out the application.

2. Please be patient as we are currently tally Founding Members and build the platform.

3. If you're accepted, follow the instructions to join Entrepreneur Accelerator!

Apply to be a Founding Member


What will the platform look like?

It won't run on Slack, it won't run on Discord and it most definitely won't run on Facebook Groups. These free platforms have too many limitations for what we're planning: to host a group of high quality individuals on a high quality platform! We're working on a prototype and the screenshots you see on this page is what you can expect. Think a cool combo between Facebook, LinkedIn and Slack.

What does Founding Member status get you?

Besides getting 'cool kid' status, you'll get early access, discounted rates and a bunch of cool things like a Founding Member badge next to your name.

I applied and did not receive an invite?

Thanks for applying! This platform and community is in the development phase so if you don't hear back from us yet, we're just working away creating the platform for you. Good news is, if you pre-registered, you're in the queue so please be patient and keep an eye on your inbox for updates!

Who's this best for?

If you currently plan to start or run a business, you'll gain a lot of value. The community, workshops, content and atmosphere will be catered to entrepreneurs with the goal of helping accelerate your success. It doesn't matter what sort of business you run, this group can help. We do not want to pigeon hole the community into just one bucket.

Will Mastery courses be incorporated into Entrepreneur Accelerator?

No, Mastery courses will remain standalone. However, EA members will get access to exclusive workshops and content for free along with all the other EA-only perks such as expert guests, growth challenges and more.

If I apply now, will I be obligated to join once it opens?

Not at all, if you change your mind just ignore the invitation. By pre-registering you're securing your chance to join the members-only group when it does become available.

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